Key Members

R. B. Das
Director / Design & Project Management

J. R. Das
Managing Director / Research & Development

S. Sangita
C.O.O. / HR / Admin

A. Mohanty
Senior Business Development Manager

R. Prakash
Senior IT, Network, Software Development

D. R. Swain
Senior Production Manager

J. M. Das
Senior Services Manager

J. C. Das
Senior Account Manager

B. Das
Digital Marketing Manager / PR

SJIPL’s primary business involves the design and manufacture of electronic control and monitoring systems for the following applications:

  • GPS,GSM, RF based Tracking System
  • CCTV Surveillance System & Monitoring Software
  • Advanced Sensor based Embedded Automation& Security System
  • Energy solution, Electric Fencing, Traffic System with Green Energy

Under the innovative systems production, sales, service, support we provides:

  • GPS, GSM, RF based Tracking System for Pet, Person, Asset, Vehicle on-board live monitoring.

This equipment is capable of performing:

  • Real time live monitoring of Pet, Person, Asset, Vehicle any time anywhere in world.
  • Online Report generation of live location, Distance Travelled, Speed, Halt, Trip. Fuel, Lock Sensor, Temperature, overall performance, maintenance, emergency etc.
  • Two way audio with auto receive facility, RF & Biometric support also available
  • Real time camera surveillance of the Track Vehicle or Asset through IR camera
  • IP 66, iCAT, CE, ARAI, ISO certified, US standard Make in India Indigenous product range.

CCTV Surveillance System & Monitoring Software for alarms and video surveillance solution

This system is designed for companies with nationwide networks of offices, branches and agencies (i.e. public sector, production & manufacturing unit, agencies, banks, insurance companies). SJIPL’s integrated system controls and manages, from a single operating room, all the video surveillance real time with cloud storage facility. We have state of art product with two way audio broadcasting facility.

Advanced Sensor based Embedded Automation & Security System for common to corporate

The “Advanced Sensor based Embedded Automation & Security System” is SJIPL’s solution for cost effective applications targeting the real time monitoring and diagnosis of ground deformation; for instance support in common to corporate sector. It can watch with GSM security, access control, technological and fire systems located in the peripheral sites.

Energy solution, Electric Fencing, Traffic System with Green Energy for better future

There is a huge scope of work with Green Energy sector in Turnkey Commercial & Industrial Remote Power Projects, like:

Power for Remote Sites: Communications, Telemetry, Traffic Signaling & UPS Systems.

Rural Electrification: Cold Storage, Remote Communities, Villages, Schools, Hospital, Relief point.

Remote Lighting Systems: Bus Stops, Streetlights, Road & Traffic Signs, Stable Lighting.

Off-Grid Buildings: Remote Houses, Outbuildings, Barns & Cabins.

Water Pumping: Remote Wells, Boreholes, Cattle Watering, Irrigation & Swimming Pools.

Leisure & Marine: Motor homes & Caravans, Boats, Yachts and Narrow boats.

Portable / Mobile Power: Camping, Hiking, Travelling & Expeditions.