SJIPL helps you put it all together and go directly to success. Whether you're looking for assistance in completing a small integration project, require in-depth expertise in building a large multifaceted system, or want to find a turnkey solution,SJIPL has the resources, project management skills and experience you need!


SJ e-Office Project

Vehicle Tracking System Unit consists of a built-in GPS receiver, GSM modem and battery for back up during failure of external power. The unit is provided with RS-232 port for configuration of the device. The application is designed and developed with easy to use GUI and navigation. The real time reports help managers for better planning, scheduling and forecasting and thereby increasing the customer satisfaction.

SJ 3i Surveillance Project

Protect your hard-earned possessions, assets, and family; know who has been on your property; rid yourself of uneasiness when you travel on vacation or business. SJIPL provide some of the most advanced surveillance options available but in a hassle-free, do-it-yourself approach so you can have a fully functioning security system for your home or business in less time and for less money.. Monitoring your property is easy and the online viewing means you will never miss a moment. This DVR is loaded with features that will help keep your property safe and secure. Record over 1 month of continuous video on the built-in 1TB hard drive. The CCTV Surveillance System is an effective and simple solution for protecting your property.

SJ Green Energy Project

We have carved a niche as one of the supreme GSM Hot Alert System Manufacturers based in India. GSM HOT Alert, System name itself indicates its function. It alerts you about Fire and if the set temperature is rise beyond the set limit in the premise, where this system is installed. Our GSM Fire Alert System gives you call or SMS Alert using GSM network. GSM Alert System contains One Active SIM card, GSM Module and micro controller. User’s mobile numbers can be registered with the help of keypad given on the system

SJ Space for Brand Project

Automated time and attendance systems have been available to and cost effective for larger businesses for several years. However, high acquisition and installation costs have historically made such systems impractical for small to medium sized companies to implement. That has recently changed, and there are now several time and attendance systems available to smaller businesses - and they do increase payroll accuracy and company profitability. A leading Time & Attendance provider, SJIPL offer solutions for small to medium organizations in nearly every industry, and has helped these companies enhance the performance of employees, managers, and overall operations. Whether your needs are basic or advanced, you can depend on Smart-I for your Time Attendance requirements. Which transfer data through GSM network.